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This Is Not My Purple Notebook

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Wednesday, September 22nd, 2010
6:18 pm
Yay! I FINALLY have a computer! It's been 8 long weeks, but yay! It's going to take me some time to get close to this new one because it just feels like another temporary fix (there was Alex's laptop, Jackie's macbook, school ThinkPad, school Dell, school macbook air, school iPad, etc...).

So far so good. The biggest problem right now is that last night, right after my new computer arrived, our free internet disappeared. Ironic. Jackie and I are here now, doing some homework but we are hungry. I'll be back later. Hopefully I can start updating more often because lord knows I miss reading and updating, but I have a LOT of homework to catch up on first.

Zaaaaazomg so excited about this thang.

PS JILLMAIL :))))))))

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Monday, August 16th, 2010
1:16 pm
Clearing out my inbox. Came across this in an email to Mr. Harris from 2004,

"Oh, so Abby told me I was talking to you too much because I had turned into a complete egotistic self-absorbed brat. She tells me this as I walk into Latin.. apparently everything I've said lately is all "I'm so wonderful etc etc etc" I was taken aback.. "


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Friday, July 30th, 2010
2:32 pm
I still have my superlatives! I'm curious if any of you remember what you wrote:

- The next Deena Kastar (I always thought this was Dylan because I don't know who else would know who she was, or what a high flattery this was to me)
- Most likely to not be heard
- Most likely to always live in the moment
- Most English
- Most likely to be dating a freshman
- Most likely to be talking about sex
- Most determined
- Most likely to be reading and putting on makeup (reading, yes? makeup, not so much)
- Most likely to be a Victoria's Secret Hoodie model
- America's Next Top Model
- Most likely to be on the cover of many fashion magazines
- Most likely to have good hair
- Most skilled at adapting
- Most adaptable
- Most likely to have a thousand cross country medals
- Most likely to run her life away
- Most likely to run, then complain about loving it
- Most likely to be a runner
- Most likely to finish a marathon
- Most likely to insult you and then apologize profusely (Sarr!)
- Most likely to to you the truth, even if you don't like it
- Most likely to make you laugh
- Most likely to cheer you up with a hug

And the not superlatives, lol
- Good runner
- Beautiful transformation
- Cross Country Champion
- Codename: Chameleon
- Track star
- Runner

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Thursday, June 24th, 2010
12:13 am

I had so much fun! Y'all are so awesome! And so sweet! So cute! :))))))))

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Wednesday, May 26th, 2010
6:42 pm

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Wednesday, April 21st, 2010
5:14 pm
I registered today at noon and then napped for 3 hours! It was so easy (unlike last semester).

I'M ONLY TAKING 15 HOURS ZOMG I CAN'T WAIT. Next year is going to be SO AWESOME y'all.

Also: I'm in Block I!! So exciting!

Classes are:

CIEP 364: Classroom Assessment (M/W 9:20-10:10) - I am amused by this class because I've already taken Assessment of ELLs and I'm wondering if this class is going to be a repeat or a whole new experience... either way, I will be a pro at assessing.

CIEP 359: Teaching Reading - Elementary (M/W 10:25-12:15) - OMG I LOVE THIS CLASS ALREADY.

CIEP 354: Classroom Management (Tu 8:30-11:15) - The only bummer is this class is DOWNTOWN at 8:30 in the morning :(. I'm not sure where my apartment will be next year, but it's probably going to be a 30-40 minute trip. But I think it sounds like a fun subject and it's always super awesome to have classes right off of Michigan Ave, not gonna lie.

CIEP M23: Introduction to Elementary Teaching and General Math (Th 8:30-11:15) - Uhh. This class sounds kinda boring. Although I do love elementary math, so maybe it'll be fun. But it's downtown at 8:30 in the morning, so maybe I will loathe it.

CIEP M48: Art in the Elementary Classroom (Th 4:15-6:45) - I'm kinda stoked about this one. I think the timing sucks, but it's a one-credit class so it only meets 5 times once a week and that's cool with me.

CIEP 339: The Exceptional Child (F 8:15-11:15) - I have no idea what this class is about but it sounds entertaining. Also it's with ALL of the elem ed students, so it'll be big and full of friends.

and fyi, the times of my classes are really weird because they're School of Education specific. Most normal classes (all the ones I'm in now for example) meet on a regular M/W/F T/Th schedule with specific times and stuff.

I didn't have to pick a single class and my advising appointment was like 5 minutes long. I just went in, Robbie checked my files, printed out my schedule, and went over my remaining semesters with me. Soo effortless. Soo much better than last semester.

Jackie (my future roommate) and I will have every single class together too! All the ELL kids have every single class together lol, so I hope that goes well. ALSO. About 5 weeks in, we start our student teaching/observations for like 5 weeks (I think, I'm a little fuzzy on the details).

Anyway, next semester is going to be awesome. An apartment! My own bedroom! A super awesome roommate! A super awesome boyfriend! A super awesome schedule! Hot damn I am excited. Sort of, I'm also kind of exhausted and dead right now, lol. I thought last week was impossible, but NO. THIS week is impossible.

Anyway, I have to write a paper (LE SIGH) and another one and diiiiie a painful paper-writing death.

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Tuesday, April 20th, 2010
1:13 am

So the idea of a public journal has always kind of confounded me. I've been using this for like 5 years and I kind of don't get it. Or do I? Vanity--we like other people reading and commenting on our lives?

Anyway, my point is, I wrote out this little post which I REALLY REALLY wanted to post because it's really bugging me, but I couldn't word it in such a way that didn't make me sound pregnant (I'm not) without revealing what I was talking about (which I didn't want to do because I'm embarrassed). and then I was like wtf, attention-whore, how can I justify quasi disclosure? I can't, can I? Either out with it, or in with it.

And I forgot my question...

idk, I guess I don't get why I wanted so badly to post something I couldn't even be totally open about. Or I don't want to get it lol.

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Thursday, April 15th, 2010
7:57 pm
It's about 2.5 weeks until I move out of hell. Heather is intolerable.

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Monday, March 22nd, 2010
7:27 am
I'm pretty damn happy about the bill being passed. And it's nice to see everyone on facebook getting excited too. What a nice way to start the week :)))

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Saturday, March 13th, 2010
12:02 am
more pizza! so today my mom and I went and got pizza for this 6th grade classroom who sold the most cookies in some fundraiser. Ms. Weber was there and she said to me that Olivia was offended because I thought she was a 7th grader yesterday (Olivia didn't get cheese pizza because she was at the back of the line (which was supposed to be by grade); I casually said "Next year when you're in 8th grade you will!"; turns out she's in 8th grade THIS year).

ANYWAY. I was kind of miffed! I'm 20! You think I can tell the difference between an overgrown 13 year-old and an overgrown 12 year-old?! I can't. All the wee ones at adujudication look the same to me. Some kids looked like hobbits and those were probably 6th graders. There was a boy who looked like Charlie Swederska--I pegged him as 9th grade and I was right, but he was wearing sunglasses and cockiness.

[side note!! ugh guys. i hate how i always want to call people boobs now (as in: you're such a boob!) because sarah always said it. it works in my head but it doesn't really work outside of sarah's mouth.]

ANYWAY. So I was miffed. Yes, Olivia, I thought you were in 7th grade. ESPECIALLY BECAUSE YOU WENT AND CRIED AFTER YOU DIDN'T GET CHEESE PIZZA. so there! Also, in my defense, I kind of thought Olivia was Catarina's age. Idk. So many kids I know are linked up to my siblings (Andy/Cat; Adam/Chris; Gregor/Alex; etc) and I just assumed... oh well. Olivia can suck it.

Gregor talked to me a LOT which I was not expecting. He said hi to me at Gateway and I was like "...OMG IT'S ALEX...'s little brother." Erin was right guys! Gregor is super adorable! Lots of curly brown hair, dark brown skin, big nose. I love families where all the kids look related.

After McKinley we went to Salvation Army and I made out like a bandit. 4 Express t-shirts, 1 Express sweater, 1 Gap sweater, 1 American Eagle sweater, and 1 sad little non-namebrand sweater for under $12.

I went to my dad's house today and got some old Christmas presents and played wii-fit for like an hour. OMG GUYS. Wii-fit is SO MUCH FUN. I WANT ONE. When I came home I opened all my stuff and my mom was like "sheesh! It's like you're getting married!" because I had a coffee-maker, a 12 piece pots and pans set, and a set of wine glasses. I'm taking a pan back with me but everything else is going into storage for next year. I CAN'T WAIT! My coffee-maker is so cute! And Jackie will be 21 in September so we will be wanting to use those wine glasses. I wish I could take them with me now (Joe and I already had wine on Valentine's Day) but I don't have any way to transport them.

I need to go to bed like an hour ago because I'm leaving at 8 tomorrow morning :/ but I haven't packed or anything and my hands smell like chinese food (ugh). I need to paccck but it's too late; everyone is asleep. oh well... diet mt. dew and some office? yes.

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Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010
11:38 pm
:( I have to post because Heather made me sad. I don't think she really meant anything of it because she said it right in front of me, but:

she came in on the phone with her boyfriend, Justin. When she saw me she asked if I'd gone out (btw, I hate when people are on the phone and just randomly have side conversations with other people. Isn't that confusing and rude?) and I was like "No? Why would you think that?" because I am wearing no bra, a t-shirt, and sweat pants. Standard pajama wear. The same thing I was wearing when she left. She was like "Well your hair is up." I am wearing a head-band and a messsssy bun. Like, I look pretty shitastic right now. So I said something like "Really? You think I go out looking like this?" and she was like IDK MAYBE YOU WENT RUNNING OR SOMETHING. And, okay, I was being a little sassy, so I tried to defuse her a bit by saying "okay, yeah, you're right, I do wear headbands when I run." (but really? I'm clearly not sweaty, I'm clearly wearing what I was wearing 3 hours ago, I'm clearly not dressed for the weather, etc) and she was like "Yeah! Point and match!" then she kept talking to her boyfriend and I guess he was kind of confused by what had just happened because she said "My roommate was giving me crap so I had to argue with her." and then I was :( Her last boyfriend thought I was a crazy psycho bitch because she made up crazy stories about things I never did and I'm worried that she might be doing that again.

Earlier tonight I asked if she wouldn't mind moving her things off the couch (she had her binders spread out on the couch) so I could nap since she was doing homework in the bedroom. About 10 minutes into my nap, she walks into the living room and is like "omg, do you hear that?" ... psa: do not asking sleeping people if they hear "that". they do not. Apparently our neighbor's alarm was going off and it was bugging Heather. She knocked on their door but they were out. We both went back to studying and she came out about 10 minutes later complaining again. I offered to switch places with her since it was dead quiet in the living room. She called the RAs on duty instead and asked them to come over and turn it off. The RA, who was our RA, Chris, was like "Uh... it might be awhile." Heather then repeated the entire conversation to me, even though I was sitting right there and heard her half of it. I hate that. She hangs up and is like "Omg, so I was like XYZ" and I'm thinking I WAS RIGHT THERE. annyway, so Heather leaves to go to the IC (YAAAAAAAAAAAAAY) and like one minute after she leaves, Chris shows up! He said hi and I told him Heather had just left. and fyi, it wasn't that loud, I couldn't hear it, etc. He was like "wtf. why did I bother?" and he complained about her to the other RA, and he was like "and she referred to you as her roommate. It's not like I don't know your name." (yeah! that annoyed me too when Heather was like "my roommate is trying to nap." because she always says "my roommate" instead of my name, and she was the one who woke me up)

Anyway, long long long long long rant. I had a long day and I wanted to vent.

I went to bed at 3 last night, got up at 6. Work was fine, I was fine. Classes and everything were great up until Methods and Materials of ELL. I was too tired and too cranky. We had a publisher visit, which was nice (free ELL books!!) but our teacher talked WAY too much and sometimes Naomi gets on my nerves because she can come off kinda bitchy and condescending (and she's NOT which makes me feel bad because then it's my problem).

uh. anyway. got a 98 on my history paper. she wrote a bunch of comments on most peoples but just a little blurb on my like "bravo, good job, good command of scribble scribble". she also told some people they could rewrite their papers and I was kind of surprised by how long that list was (she had a sign-up sheet because they had to meet with her before they rewrote it).

but GUYS. Okay so I was so busy gloating about my paper, right? and she handed it back and I was like AW FUCK NO. Because I totally spelled "Indian" wrong in the first paragraph. Way to disrespect the Mexica Empire. I spent so much time writing that paper and I even read it to myself out-loud, did all the proper editing techniques, etc, and somehow I missed "Idian." Idk, maybe it happened right before I printed it.

Anyway, I need to go tactfully ask my roommate to vacate the bedroom so I can Zzzz so that I can get up and start another long day. Two midterms on Thursday = major studying tomorrow. I MEAN IT THIS TIME!!

(another complaint: she is so loud! She was on the phone before she got in the apartment and I heard her when she was still on the stairs! and she has the door closed right now and I can still hear her clearly! sheesh! I can't wait for little Jackie beans next year.

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Monday, March 1st, 2010
3:36 pm - squeeeeeeeee
I'm kind of in love with all of my classes this semester, but one of my favorites is HIST 357: History of Mexico. It's kind of intimidating, but so far I've been alright (and so far all we've had is a ton of readings and 1 6-pg paper) (although I am worried about the midterm this Thursday, but mostly because I'm having a hard time pulling everything together for the study guide).

Annnywayyy so I'm sitting here in the library, working very slowly on this study guide and for whatever reason I just checked my email and got this:

Hi Students:
You were part of a small group who did really well on Paper #1. I'm writing in the hopes that you'll be willing to allow me to post your papers to Blackboard in order to provide three models of essay writing in our class. If you are willing, I ask that you delete your names at the top so that I can post them anonymously and that you send them sooner rather than later.

Thanks and good job.

Dr. Berger

yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay I wrote a good paper!!! This is so important to me guys! I kind of hate writing because it's so stressful and so easy to suck at it (but I kind of love it too). And Joe is a really, really, really good writer so naturally I want to be like LOOK I'M AWESOME TOO.

(at first I was thinking Joe must be a good writer because he always gets As on his papers, even the ones he pulls all nighters for or the ones for 300 level classes, but then it occured to me that I've never gotten anything less than an A on anything I've ever written since like Economon. So...yeah, I guess if I consider him a good writer I have to consider myself a good writer (except I don't; I mean, you can tell his parents are teachers and mine are chemists). Anyway, along that same vein of thinking, I need to stop taking classes with tests, because I suck at taking tests and I'm about the paper-writing)

(okay, let's not lie to ourselves. I'm a good test-taker (ESPECIALLY WHEN THEY ARE ESSAY TESTS), I'm just bad at STUDYING for tests. For example, Evolution and Genetics. Quiz 1: 13/20 (didn't study; who cares? she drops the lowest grade y'all). Quiz 2: 19.5/20 (studied! made a lil study guide and went over and over it because damn, I did bad on the first quiz). Another example: right now, I am not studying for my Mexico test. AGAIN. I'm not bad at studying for tests, I'm just hella lazy. I bet you're all thinking I should treat this study guide like a paper. ha. waaaaay ahead of you.

(ps I have to write a paper for my evolution and genetics class, due tomorrow. LE SIGH.)

pps I'm going to be HOME IN SAINT LOUIS March 7-13! yay! can't wait. is it too cold for ted drewes? no.

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Tuesday, February 16th, 2010
10:11 pm
I'm writing a paper and I keep coming back to this line in my notes:

The Aztecs had a cult of the Sun God/War God and this struck fear in the hearts of the people in the region.

hahaha. I love a well-placed idiom.

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Monday, February 8th, 2010
6:43 am
still not there yet. boo urns food poisoning, boo urns.

Once it's 11:15a, I am crawling back to bed and STAYING there. Considering skipping Human Reproduction too... (that'd make it 10:10)

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Sunday, February 7th, 2010
10:53 pm
bgugugughghddhdhhhgghghgh getting over food poisoning and I feel craptacular.

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Thursday, December 10th, 2009
1:28 pm
I have a bad case of "Next Semester's Going to Be So Much Better!!!" lol

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Monday, December 7th, 2009
11:46 am
My roommate unfriended me on facebook. lol and fml.

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Sunday, December 6th, 2009
4:25 pm

Tomorrow: HIST 101 012 (Evolution of Western Ideas and Institutions to the 17th Century) is tomorrow from 9-11. 5 prompts chosen from a pool of 10, pick 3 and write 3 essays, each worth 10 points.

I'm so weary of trying to study. I have like ZERO concentration. But! I will prevail!! imma do this.

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Sunday, November 22nd, 2009
4:34 pm

I've been observing an ESL classroom for second and third graders at Ravenswood Elementary. Most of the kids are pretty fluent in English, but Xhaidy (I'm pretty sure that's how to spell her name) just moved here from Venezuela. On Thursday, the kids were sharing stories they'd written with each other, and Xhaidy's partner Sam, sat there and read her story in Spanish even though it was written in English. I was like DAMN, kid! I talked to her about it, because I was wondering at first if she read it in Spanish because she was more comfortable reading in Spanish than English, but no, she could read and write fine, she just did it for Xhaidy's benefit. And I was totally blown away by the mental prowess of this second grader who was reading English and transcribing it into Spanish with ease. High-five Sam, high-five.

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Friday, November 13th, 2009
12:21 pm
Gaahhh and now blackboard won't load. How am I suppsoed to write my paper without a prompt? Why didn't the teacher hand out hard copies of the prompt like everyone else? Why isn't blackboard working? Fuck you blackboard.luc.edu! D''':

(on a brighter note, I did start my observation clinicals today and dayum, those kids were cute! Also, I ran into an elevator maintenance guy downstairs and he explained why the elevator runs so slow! At last--a mystery solved! But other than that, today is super sucky)

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